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Celia Cruz Featured In Google Doodle

Posted October 20, 2013 by

Did you see today’s Google Doodle? It’s none other than the famous Cuban salsa singer, Celia Cruz!

Celia Cruz Google Doodle

Even if you’ve don’t know who Celia Cruz is, you’ve probably heard her music. Celia was one of the most well known salsa singers of her day, and she was a member of the Fania All-Stars, one of the greatest salsa bands ever assembled.

Celia was known for her powerful vocals and the catch phrase “AzĂșcar!” which she often shouted out during performances. Some of her most well known songs include Bemba Colora, Quimbara, and Guantanamera. Many of her songs are popular to this day, and you can find them playing in salsa clubs or danced to by salsa performers.

It’s great that Google is honoring Celia on their homepage today, and you should check out Celia’s music if you haven’t already, and listen to some of her tunes in celebration of her birthday!

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