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Salsa lessons and dancing held at the Dance Boulevard studio in San Jose on the 2nd Saturday of every month.


Event: Beginner Lesson, Intermediate Lesson, Dance Party Salsa Dancing Gifts
Date: 2nd Saturday of every month
Time: 7:30-8:30pm Beginner Lesson, 8:30-9:30pm Int/Advanced Lesson, 10pm-1:30am Dancing
Cost: $12 General, $10 Student
Instructors: Isidro Corona & Ariel Lehaitre
Address: Dance Boulevard
1824 Hillsdale Ave
San Jose, California 95124
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Contact: (925) 497-4227
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Our Review:

Here in the Bay Area there's somewhere to go salsa dancing pretty much every night of the week-- unless it's Saturday and you live in the South Bay. Then your only option is to drive all the way up to San Francisco to get your salsa fix.

Latin Nights organized by Isidro Corona (formerly by Steve Vasco and DanceX2) helps to solve this conundrum by bringing a Saturday night dance social right to San Jose. With two salsa lessons taught by world class salsa instructors Isidro Corona & Ariel Lehaitre (and other instructors), and dancing in the spacious Dance Boulevard ballroom, Latin Nights is good deal, especially with their student discount.

My only complaint with the place is the lighting, which I thought was a little bright for a salsa social, and the seating arrangement can make for quite a trek around the dance floor finding someone to dance. But these are small nitpicks for an otherwise great salsa event which will hopefully continue to grow to be the goto spot for salsa dancing on Saturdays.

For many South Bay dancers, Saturday night is a bit dreaded with the only worthwhile events usually happening in the City. Enter Latin Nights, a new monthly social seeking to solve just that problem.

With DJ Felipe Martinez (El de la Clave) spinning classic mambo and salsa dura, this is definitely a dancer-friendly event. The floor is huge and the venue itself is plenty spacious - although the layout is odd. There is a lot of depth to the dance floor making seating arrangements a bit on the awkward side.

At $12 general admission, this event is over-priced for me - for that kind of money you start to expect live music. Still it's great to have the option of staying in the South Bay on a Saturday night.

User Reviews:

Aug 29, 2011 at 4:45 pm

4 people found this review helpful

DJ Felipe Martinez (El de la Clave) is worth two live bands! And he is an awsome salsa instructor, by the way. Lighting, floor, dance space, vibe, etc is all there, including AC.

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Oct 17, 2011 at 10:05 pm

Very nice relaxing studio atmosphere with a sizable dance floor and some cushy seating. Large parking lot by the studio. Good music but quite a small collection of dancers. The studio has a great vibe and good potential, but the price is rather high especially considering the crowd is so small.

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Apr 14, 2013 at 1:17 pm

Think about economic of supply-demand, you can not make this place work if you start off $12 gen entry. You don’t have the clientes for it. You will only put yourself up for failure. Thats what it looks like. You can have a burn of older ladies there who would pay for the ridiculous $12 entry, but will not help your social venue with the young chicks and dukes. They are not pay that $12 entry if they will not going to have a good time. But if you want to make this place the place in the south bay on sat, charge it like $5-6 for gen entry. This will be affordable for the younger crowds and that’s what you also want to see. If you have a live band, you can charge $12 otherwise. I can foresee this place be close in a couple of month if they think they can make the fast cash using a suction vaccuum. It does not work this way, promoters/DJs and you don’t need great instructors to make this place happening place. You need the sound system that fit the place. A DJ can only do so much, the sound will depend upon the space and acoustic barrier of the place.

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