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World Latin Dance Cup 2015 Results

Posted December 14, 2015 by

2015 World Latin Dance Cup

The World Latin Dance Cup is an international Latin dance competition organized every year by Albert Torres Productions. This year’s competition took place from Monday, December 14th to Sunday through Sunday, December 20th at the Deauville Beach Resort Hotel in Miami.

There was quite a bit of controversy at this year’s World Latin Dance Cup and you can read all about it here.

Dozens of competitors from the Bay Area competed at the WLDC this year, and as usual we provided live coverage of the event as well as results from the competition. See below for the winners of the 2015 World Latin Dance Cup.

2015 World Latin Dance Results

Pro Salsa On1

The On1 division has historically been a division of dynasties. The first 3 years of the competition were won by Abel Peña & Zulmara Torres and the following 3 were won by Cristian Oviedo & Liz Lira. Rafael and Carine of Brazil have won the competition for the past 2 years. This year, a new winner was crowned, as Deklan & Natalia of Peru, who have been in the top 5 since 2011 and were 3rd place last year, rose to unseat the reigning champions.

1st – Deklan Guzman & Natalia Villanueva
2nd – Carine Morais & Rafael Barros
3rd – Diego Echenique & Laura Moreno

Pro Salsa On2

The On2 division has been dominated by David and Paulina of Mexico, who have won the division 4 years in a row, more times than any competitor in World Latin Dance Cup history. This year, however, the couple did not compete in the salsa division (David took 2nd in the Bachata cabaret division and Paulina competed in Pro-Ams) paving the way for Simone & Serena of Italy, who have been 2nd place for the past two years, to finally take the title.

John Narvaez of the SF Bay Area also made it back to the podium this year for his 4th trophy in the On2 division, along with his new dance partner Dalia Lazcares.

1st – Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso
2nd – Favio Vasquez & Renata Castillo
3rd – John Narvaez & Dalia Lazcares

Pro Salsa Cabaret

The cabaret division was won again this year by Ricardo & Karen of Argentina & Chile, for the 4th year in row. This since is the second 4-peat in the division since David & Paulina’s domination in the On2 division. Their routine this year wasn’t as jaw dropping at their performance from 2014, but they still demonstrated that they are the best in the world when it comes to cabaret.

1st – Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano
2nd – Luis Cadavid & Manuela Serna
3rd – Zagala Salazar & Felipe Morales

Pro Salsa Teams

The pro salsa teams had a noticeable absence of top competitors from previous years like Salsamania and Alma Latina, but returning champions Omambo Dance Project still faced stiff competition from the young dancers of Balcon De Los Artistas, who stepped outside their comfort zone of Cabaret Teams (which they have won 3 years in a row) to compete in the Salsa Teams division. But Omambo managed to defend their title in the finals to become back-to-back champions of the salsa teams division.

1st – Omambo Dance Project
2nd – Balcon De Los Artistas
3rd – Estilo de Vida

Pro Salsa Teams Cabaret

The salsa cabaret division has been the stronghold of Colombians ever since the competition began, and this year was no different. Balcon De Los Artistas from Colombia won the competition for the third year in a row, with a truly amazing routine that showcased precision, technique, and death-defying tricks. The 2nd & 3rd place winners were also from Colombia, with Balia Conmigo taking both 2nd AND 3rd place with separate teams.

1st – El Balcon de los Artistas
2nd – Baila Conmigo 1
3rd – Baila Conmigo 2

Bay Area Competitors

As usual, competitors from the Bay Area were well represented at the competition, with many competitors taking home trophies from the competition. Below is a list of all the competitors from the Bay Area who place, let me know if I missed anyone!

1st – Spartan Mambo Men – Salsa Amateur Men Team
1st – Kevin Cullinen – Salsa Soloist Amateur Men
1st – Jahaira Fajardo & Angelica Medina – Latin Ladies Amateur Couple
1st – Erika Lachenmeier & John Narvaez – Pro-Am Salsa On 2 Man Lead
1st – Giselle Toth & Isidro Corona – Pro-Am Salsa On 1 Man Lead
1st – Michelle Donehew Perez & Kevin Cullinen – Pro-Am Salsa On 2 Lady Lead
1st – Liz Rojas & Jorge Hernandez Mancias – Pro-Am Bachata Lady Lead
1st – Anudeep Kasturi & Neha Arora – Zouk Amateur Couple
1st – Wayne Melton & Veronica Calzada – Salsa Amateur Over 75
1st – Wayne Melton & Veronica Calzada – Bachata Amateur Over 75
1st – Wayne Melton – Salsa Amateur Man Over 75
2nd – Isabel Hawkins & Yair Dory – Latin Amateur Couple Over 75
2nd – Isabel Hawkins – Salsa Soloist Amateur Lady Over 50
2nd – Miguel Escobar & Brielle Freeman – Salsa On 2 Amateur Couple
2nd – Ciara Junge & Daphyne Gonzalez – Latin Ladies Amateur Couple
2nd – Jahrell Harden & Arianna Gibbs – Kizomba Amateur Couple
3rd – John Narvaez – Pro Salsa Couple On2
3rd – Salsamania Amateur Team – Salsa Amateur Team
3rd – Max Shpungin & Amanda Arenas – Salsa On 2 Amateur Couple
3rd – Angelica Medina – Salsa Solist Amateur Lady
3rd – Alexandra Stuteville & Juan Carlos Camarena – Pro-Am Bachata Man Lead
3rd – Bangjun Wu & Choyling Poan – Latin Ladies Amateur Couple
3rd – Kristin Young & Albert Harnois – Latin Amateur Couple Over 75
3rd – Takeshi Young & Natasha Morales – Kizomba Amateur Couple

Full Competition Results

For full competition results from all divisions, please see this document provided by the WLDC. It has been noted by some that there are some competitors missing from this list, so it may not be completely accurate.

2015 World Latin Dance Cup Live Stream

The Semi-Final and Final rounds of the World Latin Dance Cup will be live streamed online so that you can watch the competition online, live, from anywhere in the world. Check back here and you can view a livestream of the competition via Ustream/YouTube while the competition is going on:

World Latin Dance Cup 2015 Live Stream:

2015 World Latin Dance Schedule

The World Latin Dance Cup takes place over a full week this year. The qualifiers for the Amateur division are on Monday, with qualifiers for the Pro and Pro Am divisions taking place on Tuesday. Semi-finals begin on Tuesday for Amateurs, Wednesday for Pro-Ams, and Thursday & Friday for Pros. Finals for Amateurs are on Saturday, and finals for Pros are on Sunday.

Here is the full 2015 WLDC schedule:

Monday, December 14, 2015:

  • 12pm – 6pm PST – Amateur Qualifiers

Tuesday, December 15, 2015:

  • 6am – 12:30pm PST – Amateur Semi-Finals
  • 6am – 12:30pm PST – Pro Am Qualifiers
  • 2pm – 8:30pm PST – Amateur Semi-Finals
  • 2pm – 8:30pm PST – Pro Qualifiers

Wednesday, December 16, 2015:

  • 6am – 1pm PST – Pro Am Semi-Finals
  • 2pm – 9pm PST – Pro Semi-Finals

Thursday, December 17, 2015:

  • 6am – 1pm PST – Junior Semi-Finals
  • 2pm – 9pm PST – Junior Semi-Finals

Friday, December 18, 2015:

  • 6am – 1pm PST – Pro Semi-Finals
  • 2pm – 9pm PST – Pro Semi-Finals

Saturday, December 19, 2015:

  • 6am – 1pm PST – Amateur Finals
  • 2pm – 9pm PST – Pro Am Finals

Sunday, December 20, 2015

  • 6am – 1pm PST – Junior Finals
  • 2pm – 9pm PST – Pro Finals

The full WLDC competition schedule can be found here.

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Elaine Vespertina Ribeiro
Dec 15, 2015 at 8:11 am

Eu amo o ritmo gostaria de saber tudo,principalmente tendo a tradução obrigada.


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