Salsa Animation

What is a Salsa Animation

A salsa animation is when a group of salsa dancers dance shines together at a social or a congress with one dancer leading the steps and the rest of the group following along.

Often the leader of the salsa animation will switch during a song, with different members of the animation coming to the front of the group to lead some salsa steps.

Salsa animations are a popular activity at salsa dance socials and salsa congresses, where they provide a change of pace from partnered dancing. Often if there is a professional guest at an event, they will lead a salsa animation with the rest of the attendees following along.

Salsa Animation Examples

A famous salsa animation led by Eddie Torres Jr., Terry Tauliaut, Fadi Fusion, and Srini Varadharajan at the 4th World Stars Salsa Festival

A salsa animation at the Rostov For Fun Fest in Russia

Terry & Cecile leading a salsa animation at the 2018 Martinique International Salsa Festival