Salsa Dancers Perform for NBA Halftime Shows

Salsa dancers across the country performed during NBA halftime shows in the past month as a part of Latin heritage celebrations organized by various NBA teams.

In California, SJSU’s salsa dance team, Spartan Mambo, performed during the halftime show of the Golden State Warriors at the newly built Chase Center in San Francisco. The team made up entirely of college students performed a combination salsa dance & bachata routine.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, the dance team Salsa y Control performed a salsa routine at a halftime show for the Boston Celtics:

In New York, a number of the city’s top dancers including Eddie Torres Junior, Princess Serrano, Kevin Gallego, and Ana Saoco had the opportunity of performing at Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks:

The attendance at a typical NBA basketball game is anywhere from 15,000-20,000 people, so these halftime shows are an excellent opportunity to help share Latin dance and culture with a broader audience.

Here’s hoping even more dancers get to share their talents with the world during the 2024 NBA season!

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