World Salsa Summit 2021 Results

The 2021 World Salsa Summit wrapped up this past weekend. Held in Miami, Florida, the World Salsa Summit was one of the first in-person salsa competitions to be held in-person (in contrast to the World Latin Dance Cup, which was held online).

The competition was understandably smaller than in previous years, but still attracted top competitors from around the US and around the world. Here are some of the highlights of the results from this year’s competition.

2021 World Salsa Summit results:

Pro Salsa On1:
1st – Darlin Garcia & Keila Perez Vega
2nd – Gio Ochoa & Gabby Ochoa
3rd – Carlos Perez & Keilin Lugo

Pro Salsa On2:
1st – Leonardo Ángeles & Nohemí “Mimi” Aquino
2nd – Benny Ayala & Ashley Magana
3rd – Hunter Hughes & Dawn Ing

Pro Salsa Cabaret:
1st – Gio Ochoa & Gabby Ochoa
2nd – Raul Martinez & Emily Bender
3rd – Juan Camilo & Cindy Benitez

Pro Bachata:
1st – Mike Zuniga & Erika Reyna
2nd – Darlin Garcia & Keila Perez Vega
3rd – Luis Santiago & Julia Aponte

Pro Bachata Cabaret:
1st – Raul Martinez & Emily Bender
2nd – Alex & Ronny
3rd – Vu & Rebecca

For a full video of the competition as well as results from more divisions, see the World Salsa Summit YouTube channel.

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