Unidad | July 4th Salsa Dance Video

Song: “Unidad” by La Excelencia

2020 has been one of the most politically divided years ever in the United States, with protests, riots, and racism making an already chaotic pandemic year worse.

For this video we decided we wanted to create something in the spirit of July 4th (Independence Day), with a red, white and blue theme, and something with a hopeful and encouraging message.

We settled on the song “Unidad” by La Excelencia which talks about unity, which we felt was a fitting song in a time of so much division.

We shot the video in Union Square in San Francisco, also tying into the theme of unity. The one silver lining of the pandemic is that the usually crowded central square of SF was nearly empty while we filmed.

We also got to incorporate a lot of cool drone footage in the video, including some overhead shots which you don’t often see in salsa dance videos. Big thanks to our videographer Chantel Ricks who helped bring our vision to life!

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