Cha Cha/Salsa Dancing in Bogota, Colombia (La Candelaria)

Song: “El Sabroso Son” by Orquesta La Palabra & Tito Puente

Another year, another dance video in Colombia!

I kicked off last year with a Colombian salsa video in Bogota with my friend, Andres Leiton, and I decided to keep the tradition alive in 2022 with another trip to one of my favorite cities in South America.

This year we decided to do a trio (I seem to be doing a lot of trio dancing lately), and collaborated with my friend and mentor Nicolas Carreño Cruz, a world champion in salsa and the first person who taught me how to dance Colombian salsa.

We decided to do mix things up this year by incoporating cha cha (which was quite challenging for me!) as well as Colombian salsa, and I also contributed some salsa dancing On 2.

We choreographed the routine pretty quickly over two days at the famed Paso Latino dance studio, and filmed on the streets of the historic “La Candelaria” district of Bogota.

The street was quite busy, and we spent half the shoot dodging cars and pedestrians (you can see some of the outtakes on my Instagram post), but the iconic look of the Colombian street was worth it.

Hope you enjoy our first salsa video of 2022! We have a lot of big projects planned this year, so stay tuned for more!

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