Colombian Salsa Dancing in Bogota, Colombia (Plaza de Bolívar)

Song: “Indestructible” by Diego El Cigala

I’ve been in love with Colombian salsa since I first saw it performed on stage at the SF Salsa Congress in 2010. The incredibly fast footwork of Colombian-style salsa just captures the energy of high-tempo salsa songs in a way that other styles can’t match.

My favorite Colombian couple by far is Nicolas & Caterine, the directors of Paso Latino dance company. I actually traveled to Bogota in 2011 to train with them and developed a friendship with them, and have been back to Colombia half-a-dozen times since.

On my last visit to Colombia in December, I had the chance to collaborate with Andres Leiton, Nicolas’ protégé, and 2-time world champion in the same gender division along with Nicolas. We worked on the choreo over the course of two days, and shot the video in the famous Bolívar Square in the heart of Bogota’s historical district.

The square was packed with people and pigeons when we arrived, but as we started to film it began raining– a light drizzle at first, then a steady downpour.

At first we took cover from the rain, but then we decided to keep filming (luckily my equipment is water proof), our fast footwork kicking up the puddles that had formed in the historic square. After all, the song we were dancing to was called “Indestructible”– we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us from dancing.


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