Salsa Dancing Robot

Song: “El Sabroso Son” by Orquesta La Palabra & Tito Puente

Is this the world’s first ever salsa dancing robot (and dancing Colombian salsa, no less)?

Actually, it’s the creation of a new VFX tool called Wonder Studio (currently in beta), created by Wonder Dynamics.

The program is super easy to use– you just upload a video clip, select the character you want to replace, select a CG character you want to replace them with, and that’s it. The software does the rest automatially using artificial intelligence (it takes a few hours to render, depending on video length).

I signed up for the waitlist for beta access to Wonder Studio a few weeks ago, and finally got access this week. This was the first video I made with it, and I collaborated with the Colombian salsa dancer, Jhonner Stiven, to help bring it to life.

The reception so far has been very positive, so I foresee us making a more of these types of videos to experiment with the technology further. I also want to explore creating a longer, fully fleshed video using different camera angles, settings, etc.

In the future, Wonder Studio will also allow users to upload their own CG models, which would dramatically increase the possibilities and potential of the tool.

It’s an exciting time to be a Creator with all the cool new AI tools being released, and I’m excited to continue using these tools to create art that just wasn’t possible before.

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