Así Así – Poncho Sanchez | Salsa Dancing in Oaxaca

Song: “Así Así ” by Poncho Sanchez

When Dalia heard that I was visiting Mexico in November, she recommended that I visit her hometown of Oaxaca. She was back in Oaxaca during that time due to the pandemic, and promised to show me around her city, so I added Oaxaca to my itinerary.

I’d been to Mexico a few times before, but never to Oaxaca. What an amazing experience it was! The whole city of Oaxaca is charming and colorful, with a main square filled with old churches, shops, and rooftop restaurants.

Oaxaca was one of the most affordable cities I visited on the trip, and the food and drinks are absolutely amazing. Oaxaca is the birthplace of mezcal, and I had so many amazing mezcal drinks while I was there, including a mezcal tasting expedition. I am now full convert to mezcal, which is now my favorite type of hard alcohol in the world.

Oaxaca is also the home to many of the best salsa dancers in Mexico, including World Champions Jorge & Maria, Enrique Jarquin (who used to live in the Bay Area), and Dalia Lazcares herself, who is a 2X World Latin Dance Cup champion in the On2 division.

In addition to being an amazing tour guide, Dalia was also excited to work on a dance video together. We choreographed the video in an hour, and shot it in front one of rustic buildings in Oaxaca, in traditional Oaxacan garb, which we purchased at the market.

What a fun experience that was, and I can’t wait to visit Oaxaca again!

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