San Jose Murals Salsa Dancing | Cao Cao Maní Picao

Song: “Cao Cao Maní Picao” by Celia Cruz & Tito Puente

We had a lot of fun shooting this video in front of the many iconic murals in San Jose!

San Jose often doesn’t get enough credit as a cultural center compared to other cities in the Bay Area like San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, but it nevertheless has a vibrant art scene including the many murals and public art works around the city.

San Jose is also home. It’s where Alyssa and I first learned how to salsa dance (at San Jose State University) and continues to be our home base in our salsa travels.

Big credit to all the artists who created the lovely murals that we danced in front of:

Blue Mural: John Dozier & Jeff Jacobson
Yellow Mural: Alyssa Wigant
Red Mural: Jeff McMillan, Gary Musgrave & Jake Kazakos

We hope you enjoy our dance video tour of our lovely city of San Jose!

And if you’re looking for places to go salsa dancing in San Jose, check out our salsa calendar at Salsa Vida SF!

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