Oh Qué Será? – Willie Colón | Salsa Dance Video

Song: “Oh Qué Será?” by Willie Colón

The initial concept behind this video was pretty simple– we wanted to shoot something at night.

Eventually we landed on the classic salsa song “Oh Qué Será” by Willie Colón as the song we wanted to use for the project. The old school song made us immediately think of the 1920s, which led us to choreographing a contentious love story with elaborate costumes inspired by “Peaky Blinders”.

We spent quite some time scouting for locations, and on a visit to Carmel we stumbled on the Tree House Cafe, and the outdoor terrace with the red parasols felt like the perfect match for our video concept.

We reached out to the manager if we could film the video there, and thankfully the owner of the restaurant said ‘yes’. He even gave us a complimentary bottle of wine!

The actual shoot was quite hectic as we only had a couple hours to film after the restaurant closed, and we had to make use of multiple LED lights to light the video, but we were able to get all the shots we needed in record time and create one of our more imaginative videos to date.

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