Amazing Salsa Dance on a Cliff

Song: “Vente Negra” by Calle Vapor

The concept behind this video was simple, but it ended up taking way longer to complete than we ever expected.

We are lucky enough to live just an hour drive from the ragged coast of California, and for this video we wanted to do a piece dancing at the edge of a cliff.

For the song we chose “Vente Negra” which we felt captured the beauty of the sea, and we choreographed a simple routine to perform on the cliffs near Panther Beach.

However, what followed was a string of one mishap after another, from our drone crashing into the cliff face, equipment malfunctions, and Alyssa having an allergic reaction, which all resulted in this simple video taking over 5 weeks to film!

It was a great reminder of how anything can go wrong while filming out in nature.

Still, we are happy with how it turned out and so far it is looking like our most popular video yet, and we hope you enjoy!

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