Tu Con El – Frankie Ruiz | Salsa Dancing Trio Video

Song: “Tu Con El” by Frankie Ruiz

When Imaan Taghavi from the Omni Movement approached us about doing a collab, we quickly landed on the idea of doing a trio– two leads dancing with one follow.

For the story we decided on two suitors competing for the attention of the same woman. The classic salsa romantica song “Tu Con El” by Frankie Ruiz was the perfect choice for a song. For the setting we wanted something classy and elegant, and selected the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

From there we started playing around with different salsa movements and figuring out how they would work within a trio. How does a 360 work with three dancers? A hammerlock? A touch-and-go?

Soon we were experimenting with more and more intricate patterns, before we started choreographing the actual routine. We ended up using less than half the material that we came up with so we will definitely get together for a round 2!

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