Star Wars Salsa Video: Binary Sunset

Song: “BS Mambo” by Salsón

May the 4th be with you!

It was a lot of fun putting together our latest salsa video– and also a lot of work! We filmed the video at the Algodones Sand Dunes two hours east of San Diego, where some of the scenes from Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens were filmed.

We had to trek through the desert just to reach the location, and we had to deal with the capricious weather, from the sweltering sun and stinging wind, to a freak rain storm on one of the days. Dancing in the sand was no piece of cake either. But the Force was with us and we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset on the final day of shooting.

We were inspired to create this video by outfits we found in Tulum on our trip there last November and the incredible rendition of “Binary Sunset” by the local salsa band Salsón, based here in the SF Bay Area. The theme “Binary Sunset”, also known as “the Force theme” first appeared in the original Star Wars movie as Luke Skywalker stared wistfully at the twin sunset on Tatooine, and has been a recurring song throughout the Star Wars series.

The theme of the video is the concept of the Force dyad or dyad in the Force, introduced in the latest Star Wars films. A Force dyad is two Force users, representing the Dark Side and Light Side of the Force, who share a unique connection in the Force, and together wield an incredible power.

In our video, the two characters are drawn together to the desert planet of Tatooine by this mysterious connection. Their initial response is conflict, but as they come to know each other through the dance beneath the twin suns, they understand that there is more to be gained by working together.

We hope you enjoy our video, and as always big thanks to our videographer Shakun Jain for helping to bring our vision to life!

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