Salsa Dancing on a Boat | Trio Sequel

Song: “La-La (Means I Love You)” by La Fuerza Gigante

So we made our first sequel video!

Our first salsa dancing trio video, Tu Con El, has been one of our most popular videos to date, so when Imaan approached us about doing a sequel we immediately agreed.

We wanted to continue the storyline from the first video, but with a twist, so we flipped a lot of the roles from the original video in this one.

We also wanted to amp up the difficulty and complexity of the trio partnerwork, and fotunately we had a good starting point with moves that we worked on from the first video but didn’t get a chance to include.

We also played around with different concepts such as non-standard leads (inspired by Zouk) and switching roles to come up with some unique sequences.

The highlight for me is the 3-person tornado spins, which was quite difficult to do on a moving boat!

Finding a boat to dance on was also a challenge, since none of us knew the first thing about boats. I actually drove up to Sausalito and just walked around the docks looking at different yachts to see what would be good to dance one.

Serendipitously, a yacht pulled into the dock just as I was walking by and the captain, Marc Kallweit, just happened to run a yacht charter. The yacht (the gorgeous Contessa II) worked out perfectly for us.

Check out his company, SF Bay Yacht Charter if you’re interested in chartering a yacht, it’s an amazing experience and Marc is an awesome capatain!

We had so much fun revisiting the trio concept, that we are planning a live show now that salsa events are coming back again. Look out for it soon at a congress near you!

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