Salsa Choke

What is Salsa Choke?

Salsa choke (pronounced “cho-que”) is a style of salsa that originates from Colombia, which mixes together traditional salsa music with reggaeton. Salsa choke refers to both the form of music as well as the style of dance that is danced to it.

Salsa choke is an urban form of dance with similarities to reggaeton and hip hop and is danced solo instead of with a partner. The style of music and dance is dissimilar enough from traditional salsa that there is some argument as to whether it should even be classified as salsa.

History of Salsa Choke

Salsa choke originated in Tumaco, a port city in Colombia around 2008, and spread to Cali, Colombia (the salsa capital of Colombia) from where it spread to other parts of Colombia.

Salsa choke has grown in popularity in recent years due to soccer players in Colombia often dancing salsa choke steps after they score a goal or after they win a match. Soccer is the most popular sport in Colombia, so this has helped salsa choke become a part of popular culture, with popular Colombian musicians releasing salsa choke songs and albums.

How to Dance Salsa Choke

The word “choke” in Colombian Spanish mean “bump” so the name of the dance translates to “salsa bump”. The basic step typically consists of stepping side to side and incorporating hip movement, similar to a side basic in LA-style salsa dancing or bachata..

Salsa choke is strictly a solo dance unlike other styles of salsa dancing. Often salsa choke is danced in a group, with a leader at the front of the group leading different steps, and the rest of the group following, like in a salsa animation.

There are a few common steps that are typically danced in salsa choke, with other steps borrowed from reggaeton or hip hop, or improvised on the spot.

Top Salsa Choke Songs

Looking for some great salsa choke songs? Check out our playlist of top salsa choke hits from Colombia:

Swagga by Cali Flow Latino

Ras Tas Tas by Cali Flow Latino

La Rumba Va Sola by Los Traviesos

Trake Que Tra by La Gente Pesada

La Tusa – Integración Casanova

Chichoky – CJ Castro

Salsa & Choke by ChocQuibTown

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