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Johnny Vazquez

Johnny Vazquez

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Location: Italy/Mexico

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Legendary figure in the salsa community.
Created the LA on1 style of salsa dancing.
Hard hitting explosive routines and body movement.
True showman featuring singing and character acting.


Johnny Vazques is one of the famed Vazques brothers, credited with creating and popularizing the LA on1 style of salsa dancing. He is a legend in the salsa scene, and his performance credits and numerous competition wins include stages all over the world. He is known for hard hitting and exciting routines, as well as an almost inhuman control over his body and movement.

Johnny is famous for putting on dance shows rather than single dance numbers, and in 2003 formed his Imperio Azteka Dance Co. His performances often include character acting as well as live singing and dancing. To that end he prides himself on being not only an outstanding dancer but a showman who was truly born to be on stage.


Johnny Vazquez Video 1
Johnny Vazquez Video 2
Johnny Vazquez Video 3
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Joanna santane
May 28, 2012 at 12:35 pm

My name is joanna and im 14 yrs old and I love to dance salsa just like you
I just love the way you dance .Im in the eighth gr. And I take dance . And hopefully I could be just like you.I LOVEE SALSA DANCING :)

Sonya Marie
Jun 19, 2021 at 4:55 pm

You and your Dance Partners are All Amazing!!!

I enjoy watching your YouTube Videos!


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