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The Different Styles of Salsa Dancing

If you're new to salsa dancing, you may not be aware that there are actually many different types of salsa dancing, especially here in the melting pot that is the San Francisco Bay Area. Different teachers teach different styles of salsa, and you might find that the steps you learn in one class may be completely different from what is danced at another club.

This can get pretty confusing, so we've put together this guide to teach you about the different styles of salsa dancing. By reading the articles below, you'll learn what the different styles of salsa look like and where they're danced, so you can find the style of salsa that's right for you!

LA Style Salsa (On 1)

LA Style Salsa (On 1) AKA: On 1 Salsa, LA Style Salsa, Linear Salsa

What is LA-Style salsa?
On1 salsa, also known LA-Style salsa, is one the most common styles of salsa dancing in the Bay Area and around the world. On1 salsa dancing is so-called because dancers break forward on the first count of the measure (on 1).

On1 salsa is danced in the slot, meaning that dancers stay within the confines of a narrow…

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New York Style Salsa (On 2)

New York Style Salsa (On 2) AKA: On2 Salsa, New York Style Salsa, Mambo

What is New York Style salsa?
On 2 salsa is a style of salsa where the dancers take their break step on the second beat of the measure (“on 2”), as opposed to the first beat, as in On1 salsa. Like On1 salsa, on 2 salsa is danced in a slot, as opposed to the more circular style of Cuban or…

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Cuban Style Salsa

Cuban Style Salsa AKA: Cuban Style Salsa, Salsa Cubana

What is Cuban Style salsa?
Cuban style salsa is another popular form of salsa dancing found in the Bay Area. Cuban salsa is especially popular in the East Bay, particularly in the Oakland and Berkeley area. Cuban style salsa is danced on the “on 1” timing, but unlike LA Style Salsa, Cuban salsa is danced in a circular fashion rather than…

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Salsa Rueda

Salsa Rueda AKA: Salsa Rueda, Rueda de Casino

What is Salsa Rueda?
Salsa rueda is a style of salsa dancing which originated in Cuba, where couples form a big circle and execute turn patterns in unison to the calls of a single leader.

Salsa rueda originated in Cuba, and the basic steps are similar to Cuban style salsa. However, instead of each couple dancing individually, couples dancing rueda form a…

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Colombian Style Salsa

Colombian Style Salsa AKA: Colombian Salsa, Cali Style Salsa, Salsa CaleƱo

What is Colombian Style salsa?
Colombian-style salsa is a type of salsa that is danced almost exclusively in the South American country of Colombia. Colombian salsa is known for its rapid and intricate footwork as well as the athletic lifts and tricks that are incorporated into their dancing.

The basic Colombian step is similar to Cumbia (another dance which originated in Colombia)…

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Do you have any questions about the different styles of salsa dancing? Contact us and we'll be happy to answer your salsa-related questions!

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