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The Latin Symbolics

Team profile for the The Latin Symbolics salsa team

The Latin Symbolics


Directors: Ava Apple & Rodolfo Guzman
Location: San Francisco, CA
Established: 1991


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Phone: (415) 681-8140


The Latin Symbolics is one of the longest running dance teams in the Bay Area. Started in 2000 by Ava Apple, the team is known for their playful and creative choreography as well as their use of difficult lifts and tricks.

The Latin Symbolics is based out of the Symbolic Dance & Fitness Studio which offers salsa and other dance lessons throughout the week. In addition to salsa, the team also performs routines from genres such as West Coast Swing and Hustle, drawing on their director’s Ballroom Dancing background.

Latin Symbolics Professional Team

The Latin Symbolics professional team performs top level lifts , tricks and dance routines and features directors Ava & Rodolfo dancing with some of their top students.

Latin Symbolics Professional Team Video 1
Latin Symbolics Professional Team Video 2
Latin Symbolics Professional Team Video 3

Symbolic Mambo

Symbolic Mambo is The Latin Symbolics' student team. They perform in a wide variety of styles and incorporate intricate lifts and tricks.

Symbolic Mambo Video 1
Symbolic Mambo Video 2
Symbolic Mambo Video 3
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