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Profile for VibraSON a local salsa band from the San Francisco Bay Area



Location: San Francisco, CA
Established: September 2013


    Facebook PageBand Facebook Page
    Phone: (510) 303-5253


    Headed up by long time salsa dancer and instructor Jake Jacobs (a 20 year fixture at Cafe Cocomo!), Conjunto VibraSÓN is one of the Bay Area’s newest Latin bands, coming together in September of 2013. The band is focused on playing salsa music by new and contemporary artists, as well as classic hits by Latin legends such as Joe Cuba.

    VibraSÓN sets itself apart by featuring a smaller number of musicians, and placing the focus on the vibraphone – a popular salsa instrument in the 1960’s and 70’s, but one that has yet to see a modern resurgence. The band brings together much of the top talent from other great Bay Area bands such as Montuno Swing, Avance, and Borinquen. With band members possessing a background in both music and dance, VibraSÓN is very much focused on playing music that both dancers and music lovers can appreciate.


    VibraSON Video 1
    VibraSON Video 2
    VibraSON Video 3


    Jake Jacobs, Carlos Caro, Marco Diaz, Saùl Sierra-Alonso, Charlie Barreda, and Luis Morales-Guidos, Christian Pepin, Miguel Melgoza
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    Dec 10, 2014 at 11:49 am

    VibraSon burst onto the local scene in 2014 with a mission. I don’t get out much anymore, but i caught their show at the SF Salsa Congress and I was BLOWN AWAY. VibraSon’s salsa has a deep grove that is infectiously danceable. All the songs were at a great tempo, and while they were longer than “club” tracks played by a DJ (long enough to let them get their groove on), they weren’t so long as make you start praying that the song will end soon, like what happens for me with so many other bands. They have instantly become my favorite band in the SF Bay Area.

    Carlos E
    Dec 11, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    One of the Premier Latin bands in the Bay Area!! And got to say all their charts that they play are “heavy hitting” which for the dancers to music lovers it’s Heaven! Very professional group of Musicians, you can’t go wrong with Hiring Vibrason Latin Band for your next Private or Public event!

    Carlos E
    Dancer/music lover!

    Dec 29, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    Where should I start… Let’s just say that the most critical salseros in the Bay Area flock to dance to VibraSÓN from as far as 2 hours away on a weeknight. The pickiest salsera in this area turned to me one night and said “WOW! This is a first! I want to dance every song; this has never happened to me before!”

    Their music is exhilarating **and** danceable. Energetic. Electric. There is interaction between them and the dancers; they’re not *just* putting on a show. That’s probably because the bandleader, Jake, is not just a musician, but a salsa instructor and dancer. I see him supporting other live bands too, and studying other bands’ music and technique, and mentioning other live bands’ appearances even when VibraSÓN has a gig the same night somewhere else. This modesty and true love of good live music and dancing translates into a great night when VibraSÓN is playing.

    Their music is good salsa dura and their songs don’t go on forever and ever. At the last SF salsa congress, Vibrason made their first appearance at the congress and all the Bay Area dancers ran to dance the full hour they played where they opened for the “headliner” band. We all said that their set was better than the headliner band.

    For the professionalism and the incredible salsa, turn to VibraSÓN!

    –Bay Area dancer for 3 years, not connected to VibraSÓN in any financial or personal way.


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