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Salsa Vida SF is the best place to find out about salsa lessons, parties, and events in the Bay Area. Whether you’re completely new to salsa or a longtime dancer, there is plenty of information you can find here!

If this is your first time here, here are some of the things you can find on Salsa Vida SF:

  • Salsa Calendar
    A calendar of all the salsa events going on in the Bay Area, with full details of each event and reviews so you know which events to go to.
  • Salsa Map
    An interactive map of the Bay Area, which is a fun way to learn about the salsa scene.
  • Salsa Instructors
    Information and videos of all the Bay Area salsa instructors, so you can decide who to learn from.
  • Salsa Teams
    If you’ve ever wanted to perform, we have information and videos about all the salsa teams in the Bay Area.
  • Salsa DJs
    Profiles of all the wonderful DJs that keep us dancing every night!

About Us

Takeshi Young

My name is Takeshi, and I’ve been dancing salsa now for over a decade. I started off taking a class at school, and haven’t looked back. I’ve performed with Pretty Boys & Girls and Salsamania Dance Company, as well as trained with the Rococo and Montuno Dance Companies. I also help run the Salsa Club at San Jose State University and am the co-director of Spartan Mambo.

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We always love to hear from fellow salseros! Just shoot a message using our handy Contact Form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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