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Salsamania Dance Company

Team profile for the Salsamania Dance Company salsa team

Salsamania Dance Company


Directors: John Narvaez & Liz Rojas
Location: Alameda, CA
Established: 2000
  • 1st Place - 2011 & 2013 World Latin Dance Cup
  • 1st Place - 2011 & 2009 Bay Area Salsa Pro Team Competition
  • 1st Place - 2011, 2010, 2001 Bay Area Salsa Amateur Team Comp
  • Top Dance Company - 2010, 2011 US Salsa Open
  • 2nd Place - 2010 World Latin Dance Cup, Small Team


Facebook PageTeam Facebook Page
Instagram ProfileTeam Instagram Profile
Phone: (510) 928-8535 - John
(510) 697-1892 - Liz



Salsamania Dance Company is one of the largest and most successful dance companies in Bay Area. Started in 2000 by John Narvaez and Liz Rojas, Salsamania has performed and competed at salsa events around the world, including the ESPN World Salsa Championships, the World Latin Dance Cup, and the US Salsa Open Championships.

Salsamania has a large number of performance and competition teams including an Amateur Team, Semi-Pro Team, Pro Team, Ladies Team, and On1 Dance Team. Salsamania also has a number of On1 and On2 training teams, and teaches lessons at a number of venues around the Bay Area.

Salsamania Pro Team

The Salsamania professional team is composed of top level dancers performs at salsa festivals and competitions all around the world.

Salsamania Pro Team Video 1
Salsamania Pro Team Video 2
Salsamania Pro Team Video 3

Nueva Dimension

Nueva Dimension is Salsamania's semi-pro team, and consists of members from SalsaMania's Professional and Amateur teams, making it a well rounded multi-level team.

Nueva Dimension Video 1
Nueva Dimension Video 2

Lady Mambo

Lady Mambo is Salsamania's all ladies team. This multi-level team is led by director Liz Rojas and competes as well as performs.

Lady Mambo Video 1
Lady Mambo Video 2
Lady Mambo Video 3

Latin Vibe

Latin Vibe is amateur performance team of Salsamania. They perform at salsa congresses around the country, and also represent the company at competitions such as the World Latin Dance Cup.

Salsa Sin Limite

Salsa Sin Limite is Salsamania's On1 performance team. Although Salsamania is known more for their On2 dancing, Salsa Sin Limite gives newer dancers who are more familiar with On1 dancing the chance to perform while teaching them good salsa dancing technique.


Candela is Salsamania's newest team which is aimed specifically at older dancers who want to perform. All of the members of the team are over the age of 40, and they perform at congresses around the country.

Projecto Mania

This team is currently inactive. Projecto Mania is Salsamania's amateur level team. They are well respected in competition and regularly place in the top 3 in their division at the SF Congress, US Salsa Open, and Roccapulco team competition.

Projecto Mania Video 1
Projecto Mania Video 2
Projecto Mania Video 3

Son De Mania

This team is currently inactive. Son De Mania is Salsa Mania's semi-pro level team. It is made of well seasoned technical dancers and once infamously beat the Salsamania pro team at the Roccapulco team competition.

Son De Mania Video 1
Son De Mania Video 2
Son De Mania Video 3
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