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Salsa Events for October 2011

Posted October 10, 2011 by

October has finally rolled around, and there are a ton of special salsa events going on this month!

First up is the grand opening of Hot Salsa Friday at PB&G’s new D’Venue Studio in Campbell. The event is an all-white formal featuring salsa lessons, dancing, and the last qualifying round for the World Salsa Challenge. The address of the new studio is 1282 White Oaks Road, Campbell, and is right off the Camden exit on Highway 17.

Next is Montuno Dance Company’s 2nd Annual Dance Showcase on Saturday, October 22nd, which will be held in the brand new D’Venue Dance Studio in Campbell. The event will feature dance lessons, tons of performances, and dancing until 1 in the morning.

Then, on Sunday, October 23rd Couture Dance Alliance is holding their 2nd Anniversary Party at Cafe Cocomo in San Francisco. The party is an all-white party, so dust off your white jeans and dresses. The party will also feature dance lessons and performances, and runs until 1 in the morning.

Then, the following week there will be a series of Salsa Halloween Parties, which I’ve written about in a separate post because there are so many of them. There’s lots going on this month, so get your dance shoes ready!

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ron bermudez
Oct 21, 2011 at 2:50 am

don’t stop loving all the salsa happenings, it will inspire you to go on for ever.


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