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World Latin Dance Cup 2012 Results

Posted December 14, 2012 by

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Here are the results from the Finals of the 3rd Annual World Latin Dance Cup 2012:

From the Bay Area:

1st Place – John Narvaez & Andrew Cervantes, Same Gender Men
1st Place – Derek Marrero & Keesha Roberts, Amateur Couples
2nd Place – Projecto Mania, Amateur Teams
2nd Place – Ozan Anac & Paulette Bleam, Amateur Couples
3rd Place – Umesh Lakshman & Marianela Calonje, Amateur Couples
3rd Place – Ozan Anac & Tianne Frias, Salsa Pro-Am
4th Place – Wayne Melton & Sandi Rocco, Salsa Over 65
5th Place – Albert Harnois & Liz Rojas, Salsa Pro-Am
5th Place – Lady Mambo, Same Gender Women

Full results from the competition:

Salsa On1

1st Place – Omar Munoz & Nina Bermudez (Mexico/Puerto Rico)
2nd Place – Cristian Oviedo & Alien Ramirez (El Salvador/Cuba)
3rd Place – Francisco Junior & Josmarly Cordero (USA/Venezuela)
4th Place – Darlin Garcia & Vera Rowe (USA)
5th Place – Rodrigo Guzman & Nayara Nunez (Mexico/Cuba)
6th Place – Deivy Zuniga & Jenny Illera (Colombia)

Salsa On2

1st Place – David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas Dagio (Mexico)
2nd Place – Sergio Jasso & Bianca Chapman (Mexico/USA)
3rd Place – Luis Bautista & Lorena Lopez (Mexico)
4th Place – Andy Contreras & Tamara Pacheco (Chile)
5th Place – Dimitris Psychogyios & Stella Koutsoulidou (Greece)

Salsa Cabaret

1st Place – Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano (Chile/Argentina)
2nd Place – Jefferson Benjumea & Adrianita Avila (Colombia)
3rd Place – Johana Vazquez & Jon Jairo Rodriguez (Colombia)
4th Place – Uriel Garcia & Vera Rowe (USA)
5th Place – Luis Enrique Solano & Xiomara Andrea Rivas (Colombia)
6th Place – Sebastian Cofre & Sandra Gonzalez (Chile)

Salsa Teams

1st Place – Alma Latina Mexico (Mexico)
2nd Place – Alma Latina USA (USA)
3rd Place – Estilo De Vida (Argentina)
4th Place – Amicitia (USA)
5th Place – Tropical Dance (Ecuador)

Salsa Team Acrobatics

1st Place – Constelacion Latina (Colombia)
2nd Place – Estudio Nacional De Baile (Ecuador)
3rd Place – Grizzly Dance Company (USA)
4th Place – BNF (Colombia)
5th Place – Baila Con Migo (USA)

Salsa Men

1st Place – John Narvaez & Andrew Cervantes (USA)
2nd Place – Baila Conmigo (USA)
3rd Place – David & Javier Padilla (Spain/Mexico)
4th Place – Bryan Vargas & Danny Perez (Colombia)
5th Place – Rumba Latina (Colombia)
6th Place – Brandon Ayala & Benny Ayala (USA)

Salsa Ladies

1st Place – Modus Vivendi (Australia)
2nd Place – Baila Con Migo (USA)
3rd Place – Camila Velazques & Manuela Velasquez (Colombia)
4th Place – Alien Japan Project (Japan)
5th Place – Lady Mambo (USA)

Soloist Men

1st Place – Rodrigo Jimenez (Argentina)
2nd Place – Arieh Alexander (USA)
3rd Place – Csaba Szirmai (Australia)
4th Place – Simone Sanfilippo (Italy)
5th Place – Deivy Zuniga (Colombia)

Soloist Women

1st Place – Simona Petric (Romania)
2nd Place – Monica Dobroiu (Romania)
3rd Place – Keiko Saksamoto (Japan)
4th Place – Yuko Tsugana (Japan)
5th Place – Keesha Roberts (USA)

Salsa Amateur

1st Place – Derek Marrero & Keesha Roberts (USA)
2nd Place – Ozan Anac & Paulette Bleam (USA)
3rd Place – Umesh Laksman & Marianela Calonje (USA)
4th Place – Alan Capetillo & Guadalupe Venegas (Mexico)
5th Place – Noriaki Watanabe & Chihiro Watanabe (Japan)

Salsa Amateur Teams

1st Place – Alma Latina Amateur (USA)
2nd Place – Projecto Mania (USA)
3rd Place – Diana Sanchez Dance Company (USA)
4th Place – Salsako Dance Company (USA)
5th Place – Tropical Dance Plan B (Ecuador)

Junior Couple

1st Place – Adolfo Mauricio Romero & Natasha Silva (Mexico/USA)
2nd Place – Gian Nicolas Varela & Anyi Nayibe Camargo (Colombia)
3rd Place – Lisandro Perez & Amy Bayoma (Colombia)
4th Place – Juan Camilo Rozo & Lina Paola Fino (Colombia)
5th Place – Carlos Begazo & Ellen Delgado (Peru)
6th Place – Juian Tellez & Isabela Gomez (USA)

Junior Teams

1st Place – Baila Con Migo (Colombia)
2nd Place – Chiqui Babie (Colombia)
3rd Place – Estrellas Del Swing Y Sabor (Colombia)
4th Place – Son Del Luz Kids (Colombia)

Soloist Kids

1st Place – Kevin Gallego (Colombia)
2nd Place – Jordynn Lurie (USA)
3rd Place – Brandon Ayala (USA)
4th Place – Gian Nicolas Varela (Colombia)
5th Place – Juan Camilo Rozo (Colombia)

Salsa Over 65

1st Place – Noriaki Watanabe & Chihiro Watanabe (Japan)
2nd Place – Randy Kish & Karen Calustro (USA)
3rd Place – Kensaku Oguchi & Hiroko Hashimoto (Japan)
4th Place – Wayne Melton & Sandi Rocco (USA)

Bachata Couples:

1st Place – Andrea Bosonotto & Silvia Accossato (Italy)
2nd Place – Cristian Oviedo & Alien Ramirez (El Salvador/Cuba)
3rd Place – Javier Campines & Kathy Reyes (Panama/Guatemala)
4th Place – Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso (Italy)
5th Place – Rodrigo Guzman & Nayara Nunez (Mexico/Cuba)

Bachata Team:

1st Place – Extravagance Dance Company (Italy)
2nd Place – Grupo America (Canada)
3rd Place – Latin Rhythms Bachata Legacy (USA)
4th Place – Saoco Dance Company (Peru)
5th Place – Ochun (Japan)

Cha Cha Cha:

1st Place – William Carpenter & Kali Keller (USA)
2nd Place – Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso (Italy)
3rd Place – Ivan Zappetti & Genny Godano (Italy)
4th Place – Lester Marin & Tracey Savary (Trinidad & Tobago)
5th Place – Joshua Soto & Maria Humphrey (USA)

Casino Rueda

1st Place – Grupo America (Canada)

For the official scores from the judges, see the World Latin Dance Cup website

Results from the Semi-Final rounds of the WLDC were just announced! Here are the competitors from the Bay Area that are making it into the Finals tomorrow:

Keesha Roberts – Solo Women
Derek & Keesha – Amateur Couples
Umesh & Marianela – Amateur Couples
Ozan & Tiane
Albert & Liz – Pro Am
Wayne & Sandi – Over 65
John & Andrew – Same Gender Men
Lady Mambo – Same Gender Women
Projecto Mania – Amateur Teams

Here are also some results from the pro divisions:

Pro On1:
1) Omar & Nina
2) Darlin & Vera
3) Cristian & Alien

Pro On2:
1) David & Paulina
2) Sergio & Bianca
3) Andy & Tamara

More results to be posted soon! Check back here or our Facebook page for the latest competition results.

UPDATE: The full competition results & scores from the semi-final rounds have been posted on the WLDC website

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