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Cuban Style Salsa

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What is Cuban Style salsa?

Cuban style salsa is another popular form of salsa dancing found in the Bay Area. Cuban salsa is especially popular in the East Bay, particularly in the Oakland and Berkeley area. Cuban style salsa is danced on the “on 1” timing, but unlike LA Style Salsa, Cuban salsa is danced in a circular fashion rather than in a slot (similar to East Coast Swing).

Cuban salsa, like its name suggests, has its origins in Cuba and is usually danced to Cuban salsa music. The style is often considered more “street” than other forms of salsa, and incorporates movements from traditional Afro-Cuban dances such as Guaguanco. Cuban salsa dancers also tend to exaggerate the movement of their hips and torso compared to other forms of salsa.

Cuban salsa is usually danced as a couple, but there is also a special form of Cuban salsa called Salsa Rueda in which couples dance together in a circle, and perform moves in unison, incorporating many of the sames moves and patterns as standalone Cuban salsa.

Where to dance Cuban Salsa

Cuban salsa is dance primarily in the East Bay, although there are a few other Cuban salsa clubs throughout the Bay Area.

East Bay

San Francisco

Santa Cruz

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