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World Latin Dance Cup 2011 Winners

Posted December 18, 2011 by

UPDATE: See the results for the 2015 World Latin Dance Cup.

The results from the 2011 World Latin Dance Cup

World Latin Dance Cup

Congratulations to all the competitors from the Bay Area at the 2011 World Latin Dance Cup! The competition this year was really tough, but a number of Bay Area dancers were able to make it to the Finals and bring home some medals.

Here are the competitors from the Bay Area who placed in the WLDC competition:

Salsamania Dance Company – 1st Place Salsa Teams
Andrew Cervantes & John Narvaez – 1st Place Same Sex Men
Michelle Perez & Jeremy Martinez – 1st Place Amateur Couples
Vimal Pradeep & Tianne Frias – 2nd Place Pro-Am Division
John Narvaez & Liz Lira – 3rd Place On2 Salsa
Lady Mambo – 3rd Place Womens Teams Category
John Narvaez & Michelle Perez – 4th Place Pro-Am Division
Wayne Melton & Sandi Rocco – 5th Place Over-65 Division
Dan Popovici & Ky-Van Lee – 5th Place Amateur Couples

And here are the results for some of the other divisions:

Professional On1:
1st Place – Cristian Oviedo & Linda Ayentes, USA
2nd Place – Darlin Garcia & Vera Rowe, USA
3rd Place – Jonathan Ibarra & Elly Guadarrama, MEX
4th Place – Javier Campines & Liz Lira, USA
5th Place – Deklan Guzman & Natalia Villanueva, Peru

Professional On2:
1st Place – David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas Daigo, MEX
2nd Place – Ernesto Nuñez & Maritza Gonzalez, MEX
3rd Place – John Narvaez & Liz Lira, USA
4th Place – Marcus Nieves & Diana Osorio, USA
5th Place – Luis Alfonso & Lorena Judith, MEX

Cabaret Couples:
1st Place – Grizzly Hidriago & Alien Ramirez, USA
2nd Place – Jefferson Benjumea & Adriana Avila, COL
3rd Place – Darlin Garcia & Vera Rowe, USA
4th Place – Kelvin Hernandez & Licelott Maldonado, Puerto Rico & Venezuela
5th Place – Hugo Osorio & Carolina Hernandez, Ecuador

Salsa Teams:
1st Place – Salsamania Dance Company, USA
2nd Place – Alma Latina, MEX
3rd Place – Alma Latina, USA
4th Place – Stilo Dance Company, USA
5th Place – Amicitia Dance Company, USA

Salsa Teams Cabaret:
1st Place – Ritmo y Sabor, Mexico
2nd Place – Grizzly Dance Company, USA
3rd Place – Coabey Dancers, Puerto Rico
4th Place – Estudio Nacional de Baile, Ecuador
5th Place – Tropical Dance, Ecuador

Ultimate Championship/People’s Choice Winners
1st Place TIE
Cristian Oviedo & Alien Ramirez, USA
David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas Daigo, MEX
3rd Place – Jefferson & Adriana, COL

Congratulations again to all the World Latin Dance Cup competitors!

UPDATE: If you are looking for results from the 2012 World Latin Dance Cup, you can find them here.

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Dec 18, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Ultimate Championship winner was Alien Ramirez & Christian, not Linda & Christian.

Dec 18, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Thanks for the correction, fixed!

Dec 19, 2011 at 12:57 am

OH! And second place cabaret is Adriana Avila y Jefferson Benjumea not JOnathan. Thanks! They are from Colombia — woot woot!


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