In The Heights Brings Salsa to the Big Screen

The much anticipated musical In The Heights released this week in theaters, featuring several dance scenes featuring incredible salsa performances.

The film is based on a stage stage musical of the same name, and is set in the predominantly Dominican Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City.

In The Heights is directed by Jon M. Chu of Step Up and The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers fame, so the song and dance numbers definitely take center stage in the film.

The film features multiple dance choreographers, with salsa choreography by Eddie Torres Jr. and Pricess Serrano. The film also features performances by many top New York salsa dancer, with Fausto Felix even having a speaking role in the film.

The musical is a lot of fun to watch and great way to kick off the summer movies season, and it’s great to see salsa dancing getting featured on the big screen again.

Watch a fun featurette of the work that went into the dance scenes in In The Heights here:

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